"You have to be on social media!" I heard it too. But being on social media and being successful on social media are about as far apart as Texas is from NYC (I would know). So how did a college student turn into an event planner turned into a social media manager? Well... that's a long story and it all ends with me here obsessed with helping people find the power in social media. Not your best friends, not the way to quit your job (although maybe a way to find a new one!) but the way to harness what social media has to offer. 

Important facts:
1. It's different for everyone- following everything you read is a sure fire path to nowhere.
2. You don't have to go it alone- that's why I'm here to help! It's called social for a reason!
3. It's not a to-do, its an opportunity- don't just check it off your list. Finding the joy in social media will help you find the power. Just wait- it's incredible!

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